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Hardie Peak Performance is committed to providing a holistic approach to health and performance. We believe that clients’ success is achieved by addressing a variety of interrelated factors including physical activity, nutrition education, and behavior change. By developing customized programs that integrate these factors and cater to individuals' unique lifestyles, Hardie Peak Performance prepares successful professionals looking to take charge of their health and those individuals already committed with the resources and skills to achieve and maintain their health and performance goals. 


What distinguishes Hardie Peak Performance from other fitness training programs?
Hardie Peak Performance adopts an integrated approach that combines elements from sport and performance psychology, behavior change models, strength and conditioning, and worksite wellness strategies to help each client achieve his or her wellness and performance goals during the one or three month programs that meet once or twice per week. I understand and respect the challenges that clients face, whether its improving their quality of life or attempting to achieve their personal best. With a passion for educating, motivating, and helping clients reach their goals, I view the success of my clients as my own personal success. I look forward to the opportunity to share futures successes and am happy to answer any questions.

What's included in a program?

All clients who sign up for a program will have access to their own web site packed with information about wellness, safety, personal effectiveness, and work/life issues. Lifedesk is the electronic culmination of nearly twenty years of research and content development from The WorkCare Group. This is the most complete self-care and work-care Web site available, and it can be customized to meet your individual needs.

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